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Letter "T" » Terry Francona Quotes
«Me sitting here and naming a Game 5 starter would be a little presumptuous.»
«A big goal of mine is I need to get back and get healthy so I could do my job, ... I think physically, I felt like I got run over by a truck the whole year.»
«I'll go this week at some point, I'll get a physical. I just need to take care of myself. I wouldn't be the only person in this boat. We try so hard to do as good as we can and when things aren't going that way, I think the obvious answer to all of us is, 'Spend more time here.' I'll probably collapse for a little while here, but then I need to take care of myself a little bit so I can do my job and be healthy.»
«We went through so much and it was sometimes so hard to be good, ... I don't think anyone outside that clubhouse knows.»
«We won 95 games in a season where things didn't go right, ... I will not sit here and apologize for that. We busted our [butt] to do the best we could. I was very proud of what we accomplished.»
«He had a lot of things that nobody ever knew, ... He had a [sore] groin the last two weeks that was not feeling very good.»
«We wanted to get him further in the game.»
«Every experience you have helps you. If players or me or the coaches or somebody can pull something positive from that experience, good.»
«He was already at the point of the game where we're going to go to the bullpen if anything happens. When we got out there he said his knee was burning. I don't think he re-injured it. He just had a lot of pitches and wear and tear from the game.»
«I heard him let out a little yelp. I had a good idea what happened. Either that or Tom Brady had thrown for a touchdown.»

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