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Letter "T" » Terry Francona Quotes
«Sunday might be the most important game of the year. It doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. I have tried like hell to figure out how to stop this rain. I just can't do it. I got here at 10:30 this morning and I prepared ... couldn't stop it. I have no frustration over that. What you do is handle things the best way you know how. That's what we'll do.»
«Oh yeah, that's huge. That was something we really wanted to stay away from.»
«It's hard to win doubleheaders. The idea is to make this into our advantage somehow. Because of the importance of these games, we're going to probably have a lot of guys play 18 innings. Maybe it'll be 20, maybe 22. Who knows? Whatever we're asked to do, we'll try to make it to our advantage.»
«Yeah, he tolerated it pretty well, ... I think the hope is, and again, we might be reaching a little bit, the hope is that he might be available towards the end of the week. If he's available, he's a pretty good hitter. From where I sit, I appreciate him trying.»
«There was a lot of extraordinary efforts tonight by a lot of people. We got ourselves in a position where one slip-up and we lose. We actually put ourselves in a position where we could win in the eighth and we didn't.»
«You feel better after a win. But it's not like we can live it up and pound our chests. We have to beat one of the best pitchers in baseball tomorrow.»
«I wouldn't trade it for the world. Trying to be a little bit better than somebody else at what you love is a great feeling.»
«After all these games we've played, we've played ourselves into a situation where it comes down to two games. That's just the way it is.»
«The stage isn't too big.»
«We didn't bring him in to run a marathon.»

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