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Top 5 Quotations
«All four teams have a solid lineup from top to bottom. There's no weak links in any of the four lineups. It's not often that occurs.»
Author: Chuck Tursky
«We jumped on Washington with pressure and our pressure was the difference early. We got a lot of transition buckets early and that put it away early.»
Author: Jeff Boogaart
«We welcome their entry as a major operator into the rail line-haul business ... I think it's a good move for them and probably good for the industry.»
Author: Paul Little
«Color had been made the mark of enslavement and was taken to be also the mark of inferiority; for prejudice does not reason, or it would not be prejudice... If prejudice could reason, it would dispel itself.»
«Blasphemy itself could not survive religion; if anyone doubts that, let him try to blaspheme Odin.»

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