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GUITAR Musical Instruments, tools used to expand the limited scope of musical sounds such as clapping, stamping, whistling, humming, and singing that can be produced by a person's unaided body. Throughout the world, instruments vary greatly in purpose and design, from natural, uncrafted objects to complicated products of industrial technology. Base on those specialized implements intended for performing the world's conventional folk, popular, and classical musics, musical Instruments can be classified in different ways. For …showed first 75 words of 320 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 320 total…shell, or plastic, held in the hand and used to pluck the strings), or pick. Guitars feature various tones, and in some countries the number of strings varies. The Hawaiian, or steel, guitar is laid across the knees of the player, who stops the metal strings by gliding a metal bar along the neck. The electric guitar, developed for popular music, usually has a solid, nonresonant body. The performer electronically amplifies and manipulates its sounds.

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