Title: Your-Mail.
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"Your Mail" People make things what they are. A tool in one person's hand would not be used or held quite the same as in another. It is my opinion that e-mail and its habits are as individual as the individual. Its use can enable wonderful and severe effects but which impression is felt is up to the user and their own actions. A positive aspects of e-mail is the opportunity it offers to connect …showed first 75 words of 615 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 615 total…front of someone else's yard? I doubt you'd find this as frequent as their e-mail is checked. Knowing what effects e-mail can produce, it is up to the user which way the pendulum swings. The choices we make can predict what becomes, or not. You hold your e-mail and you maneuver it through your own designs, and I wish you the best. The only factor you can't ever have complete control of, is another user.

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