The origin of logarithms.

Title: The origin of logarithms.
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The origin of logarithms.
If one took the time to contemplate the functions used casually everyday in classrooms around the world, one may come to the realization that these functions have revolutionized life. Without the ability to multiply, divide, rise to a power, and take a root of, people would be completely ignorant of how of what makes the earth go around. These are not just mathematical functions; their magnitude could be appraised as phenomenal. The logarithm, being one …showed first 75 words of 557 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 557 total…n items." Thus, no one uses the logarithm to cross the road at an intersection or to put there clothes on in the morning. It is simply an amazing phenomenon that is still used daily by engineers, and scientists. Hence, another revolutionary discovery was recorded in the record books in 1614. Sources:

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