The Magic of Vedic Mathematics

Title: The Magic of Vedic Mathematics
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The Magic of Vedic Mathematics
All the students nowadays use a calculator for working out even some of the easiest calculations. You may wonder what the people did when there was no calculator. Well, in India there was Vedic Mathematics. It originated from the Vedas of Hindu. I am going to illustrate some examples of how Vedic Mathematics works. You will be astonished at how fast you can do some of the calculations. Let us start with some easy stuff. …showed first 75 words of 721 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 721 total…of the number whose cube root is to be found. This will be the RHS of the answer. Now, check the number on the left of the comma. Check which number has its cube less than the number left of the comma. Over here, it will be 2 as cube of 2 = 8 and 8 is less than 9 and the cube of 3 will be more than 9. This will be the LHS of the answer. So the answer will be 21.

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