Rocket Launch Protfolio.

Title: Rocket Launch Protfolio.
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Rocket Launch Protfolio.
PLEASE NOTE: This version is extremely unreadable, YOU MUST LOOK AT THE MS WORD DOC FILE. Rocket Launch Portfolio Mr. McAfee Math 4/Block 1 7 February 2003 By: Ronald K. Ellis III The Rocket Launch As the shuttle STS-82 lifted off from the NASA launching pad at Cape Canaveral, Mission Control in Houston was receiving the following data about the vertical velocity of the rocket in feet/sec. We will use this information to give an estimate of …showed first 75 words of 502 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 502 total…WORK. Note: there are about 1.61km in a mile. Evaluation This projects intent was to insure our overall understanding of area under curve as well as well as different ways to approximate it without knowing calculus. This portfolio is meant also to be used as a precursor to calculus but instead of finding the integral we approximated it using trapezoids and next by graphing a median-median line giving us two fairly good approximations of area.

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