Title: Pythagoras.
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Pythagoras of Samos Pythagoras is sometimes thought of as the first true mathematician, yet little is known about his mathematical achievements. He was part of a religion that prescribed obedience, silence, abstinence from food, simplicity in dress and possessions, and the habit of frequent self-examinations. We do however credit him with the hypotenuse theory, also know as the Pythagorean theorem, and the theory of numbers. Most Greek mathematicians usually wrote books on their discoveries, but …showed first 75 words of 576 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 576 total…highly by other great minds of the past. I'd like to close my paper with a quote from Proclus, a later Greek philosopher. These were his thoughts on the genius. "Pythagoras transformed the study of geometry into a liberal education, examining the principles of the science from the beginning and probing the theorems in an immaterial and intellectual manner: he it was who discovered the theory of irrational and the construction of the cosmic figures."

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