Cheque-Book Journalism

Title: Cheque-Book Journalism
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Cheque-Book Journalism
Cheque-book journalism presents one of the issues that modern western and capitalist societies must deal with. Do we allow massively profitable and wealthy corporations profit further from peoples stories and events in their lives? Do we allow money, the chase for ratings and advertising dollars into our news and current affair programs? Why should anyone receive "payments" for letting a cheque-book journalist in on their story or an event in their life? Do we have …showed first 75 words of 535 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 535 total…baby Montana was kidnapped. This caused further scandal, sensationalised a story that was brimming already and undercut A Current Affair's portrayal of Anita Ciancio as a victim of callous kidnappers. In the end the idea and practice of cheque-book journalism isn't ideal. No-one enjoys the advertisements or the blatant grab for ratings they represent. But if we still want to have free to air television as our main source of entertainment, it is absolutely necessary.

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