Background On Soup Bars.

Title: Background On Soup Bars.
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Background On Soup Bars.
Background On Soup Bars Research has found soup to be nourishing and comforting, a practical necessity nowadays with time at a premium and busy people increasingly forced to eat on the run. The fact that soup is a very good traveller adds to it's attractiveness, as off-premise sales in America now account for 15% of total soup servings and 47% of the growth according to a 1997 NPD Crest Survey. Basically a quick, perfect grab and go item, …showed first 75 words of 4050 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 4050 total…e clients do in fact need this deep level of service. To fund this service, we operate exclusively on the basis of the 15% commissions system. Fees will be added were appropriate. The 15% commission system allows us to deploy a full width of talent and capability against a single client meeting. Our agency provides the manpower that the client would have to provide if he were funding, developing and servicing that requirement from his own resource.

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