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Letter "M" » Michael Griffin Quotes
«He is the best of the best, and we have been fortunate to have his steady hand at NASA's helm during the most troubled period in NASA's history.»
«We are giving ourselves what we hope is plenty of time to evaluate where we are, ... We don't see the tasks remaining before us being as difficult as the path behind us.»
«while having far greater capability.»
«We're going to land one way or another, one place or another, and all we're talking about is where.»
«Going well beyond Apollo, we seek the ability to land and conduct exploration activities anywhere on the moon, including on the far side or in the polar regions,»
«I fell asleep almost as soon as I got on the plane ? I was so tired. My neck was killing me,»
«This is a sad day for NASA. ... But also one of renewed hope for the future of NASA's manned space flight program. The end of the Shuttle Program means that we will begin a new program that will be bigger better and more expensive than anything we have undertaken before. I'm proud of the people that have kept the shuttle going, but the Shuttle Program is done. Its time for the shuttle, like an old dog, to lie on the porch and let the younger dogs chase the rabbits.»
«This has been a big year for us. We set some goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year, and we accomplished those goals.»
«That's going to be the best against the best from all over. We'll see what we're made of.»
«We plan on working out together three or four times a week. Year-round baseball is something we can do here.»

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